(Movie 1), Kachi Kachi no Mi: Allows the user to harden their body and raise body temperature. Thats how Big Mom created Homies, including her sword Napolean, Zeus, Queen Mama Chanter pirate ship in One Piece, etc. how? A special Paramecia shows abilities analogous to that of a Logia. With this devil fruit, Whitebeard became known as the Strongest Man in the World and feared by all. These powers appear to be that of a logia-type devil fruit in One Piece, so many people easily get confused. [35] The Shibo Shibo no Mi can allow the user to absorb liquids and become bigger and heavier, but this may make them unsuitable for their environment, especially if they are on a ship. These Devil Fruit users possess unique powers that allow them to control the elements, transform their bodies, and manipulate the world around them. (Ocean's Dream Arc, game only), Noko Noko no Mi: Allows user to create and control poisonous spores. You just cant imagine this devil fruits powers in the wrong hands. Thus, it makes things easier for her to use these devil fruit powers as anyone can easily fall for her (just ask the fans). Thus, Paramecia encompasses a massive range of varying and unique powers with their own strengths and weaknesses. Devil Fruit abilities have a whole other stage to them. Theres more in store. Her status among viewers was only solidified by the powerful . This devil fruit ability doesn't cancel in case the user dies. Nonetheless, the Doku Doku no Mi is definitely one of the strongest abilities in the Paramecia class. Thats how powerful Kid is but his present situation is a big question mark. Magellan rose up to be one of the powerful characters in The Impel Down with these powers. Just about every Paramecia ability can be placed in three general categories: altering the user's body, manipulating the environment, and generating a substance. Some Paramecia fruits are capable of doing more than just harming enemies physically, such as the Horo Horo no Mi, which can mentally subdue other people. Devil Fruit Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Kage Kage no Mi is a devil fruit with spooky powers as the user can create and control shadows of living beings. This means that they can have other people "purchase", "sell" and/or "trade" specific attributes. Hobi Hobi no Mi, Sugars devil fruit, is successful despite missing offensive combat powers. Machine-Machine Fruit - allows the user to manipulate technology, whether it be cybernetic or mechanical Big Mom's Devil Fruit is the Soul-Soul Fruit which allows her to steal the soul of anyone who fears her and is within earshot. Therefore, Mero Mero no Mi is a clear winner and deserves to be on this list. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Some fruits permanently change the users body composition; for example, the Gomu Gomu no Mi user will always have a rubbery body, and even if they are rendered unable to use their Devil Fruit ability, they will still stretch if acted upon by an outside force. [34] The Zushi Zushi no Mi is capable of using gravity to push or pull any object in a certain direction, but it does not give the user any protection from those objects, particularly objects that they might pull down to their vicinity, like meteors. Thus, they cannot phase through attacks like Logia users can. Special Paramecia (, Tokushuna Paramishia?) The Yomi Yomi no Mi is an example of the former, as Brook was never able to use it in battle until becoming able to summon the chills of the underworld to freeze outside objects. Doflamingo, the most malevolent character in the One Piece universe, seems to be created for the Ito Ito no Mi devil fruit. [19] The Kira Kira no Mi's ability to turn the user's exterior body into diamond heavily resembles a Logia transformation, but has its differences, as the user will be impacted by attacks that can break through or circumvent their diamond defense, they cannot generate diamonds, and they cannot reform severed body parts. You must log in or register to reply here. It can be useful in both attack and defense in an amazing way. The Gura Gura no Mi is considered to be the strongest Paramecia fruit due to possessing the ability to create massive shockwaves and tsunamis, giving it the power to potentially destroy the entire world; its strength is considered on par with that of a Logia fruit. [24], Usually, an awakened Paramecia allows the user to spread their power beyond their own body and transform or alter the properties of material around them to match the nature of their fruit. Etymology. The strength of this fruit is such that even Black Maria, a woman with 480 million berries bounty, stood no chance against Robin. (tries to summon a pair of carnivorous plants to attack the Badger-cat boy, but instead ends up wrapping him up) Badger-cat Boy: HEY! Monet is the only canon woman Logia user so far, and like all Logia-users, packs a punch. [40], Some fruits are definitively superior to others because they possess similar abilities but fewer limitations; for example, the Kiro Kiro no Mi user can make their weight a maximum of 10,000 kilograms (10 metric tons), while the Ton Ton no Mi user can increase their weight to thousands of metric tons. [36] Some Paramecia abilities can apply their effect to the user themselves, with a prominent instance being when Luffy was able to slow Foxy down by reflecting his Noro Noro no Mi beam back at him. And thats why it is one of the best paramecia devil fruits. the paw fruit doesn't really have anything in common with ope ope. This devil fruit power may not seem to be as potent on paper, but Katakuri made the most out of it and expertly displayed the capabilities you get with this special devil fruit. RELATED: Nico Robin's 10 Best Outfits In One Piece, Ranked. Can transform the surrounding environment into strings. Without a doubt, this Devil Fruit is extremely versatile and one of the best in the Paramecia class. Fang Fang Fruit: Enables the user to fire razor-sharp fangs at foes from their mouth like a machine gun. Orko: I'll teleport you back to Eternia! Even then, he managed to destroy half of the island with this fruit's power. The user of this devil fruit has the capacity to seize the souls of those who are fearful. This devil fruit has a unique ability not found in any other devil fruit, that of granting another person everlasting youth in return for the devil fruit users own life. The dream itself can range from a paradise to a complete nightmare depending on the user's desire. Its powers have made him a modification man, and allow him to create ROOMs within which he can control everything. Furthermore, this user can pull off miracles and cure incurable illnesses with the powers of this devil fruit. [11] If a user can alter the environment around them, they may be able to use outside objects to their benefit in battle or have a particular advantage against a certain type of opponent. This fruit is fiercely reputed to be capable of bringing "Hell on Earth" and is considered to be one of the strongest Devil Fruits within the Paramecia class, having powers no weaker than those of a Logia . Orko: That'll do! He can easily destroy islands. It is another devil fruit with poisonous powers that shouldnt be messed with. Paramecia Category page. Eiichiro Oda's One Piece is known for its incredible world-building and diverse cast of characters, including the women Devil Fruit users who have displayed impressive strength and abilities throughout the series. Currently, the only examples of Artificial Paramecia users are the Seraphim.[3]. And well, the Marines were after this devil fruit; even willing to give 5,000,000,000 Berries. The Gura Gura no Mi is the strongest paramecia-type devil fruit in our opinion. This fruit was eating by Lennox. [10] A few other conventionally powerful Paramecia abilities include summoning gravity, creating explosions, and heavy poisoning. Only the user of this devil fruit can return the shadows, making it overpowered. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. [43] When Basil Hawkins took the form of a giant straw scarecrow, Kizaru was able to quickly damage his real body because it was only covered in straw, not transformed into it. She can even create an army with these powers, which clearly indicates that one shouldnt mess with her. This is a place where you can make your own Devil Fruit. Scan this QR code to download the app now. I'll save you! As a testament to her strength, she is one of the four that remained after Blackbeard initiated a battle-royale-style fight on Level 6 so that the winners would join his crew. He is one of Sadi's five Jailer Beasts in Impel Down. With her ex-title, she is effectively the most powerful female pirate in the world and commands respect from those around her. According to Robin, speed and strength mean nothing to her as she can render almost any foe into submission with ease with her powers. This fruit allows her to transform into a hybrid or fully realized version of a Pachycephalosaurus, noted to have an exceedingly thick skull. The latest revelations of Bartholomew Kumas Nikyu Nikyu no Mi in the manga have elevated its status as one of the greatest devil fruits ever. In addition, there exists a special sub-class of Paramecia-type fruits, known as Special Paramecia, which grant abilities beyond those of the usual Paramecia. Her fighting prowess, agility, and strategic smarts allowed her to defeat Catarina Devon and multiple Pacifistas, and even leave the Marineford War unharmed. The Hobi Hobi no Mi was eaten by the Donquixote Pirates' Sugar. Contents 1 Appearance 2 Strengths and Weaknesses 3 Usage 4 Trivia 5 External Links Appearance The Kaen Kaen no Mi is a red fruit with white ripples around its base and darker red stripes running its length. You don't seem to be a Logia-type. But, I will admit that I did not actively follow the game well until we got closer to its official release. He is the author of some of the articles here that you liked, and others that you didn't. Rei is an avid fan of anime and manga. Nico Robin came up with versatile powerful attacks as well trapped her enemies into submission with her Flower-Flower devil fruit. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Stinky armpits = repulsive but not immediately threatening. The Mochi Mochi no Mi devil fruit enables the user to entirely transform into Mochi (Japanese rice cake) and manufacture it at will. This has only been demonstrated with the Seraphim, who are clones of members of the former Seven Warlords of the Sea, with two of them possessing the same abilities as their original counterparts, while another received its abilities from someone else entirely. Can shut down machines by making them "go to sleep". It goes without saying that these Devil Fruits are extremely useful; however, some fruits are certainly a cut above the rest. However, it appears that the effects of this Devil Fruit type can be categorized into two basic groups: those which are based on a characteristic (such as elasticity or slowness) or an object (bombs, doors, etc.). Appearance (If the eater's appearance would change) Abilities. His other hobbies include exploring the beauty of nature when he can. just think about it. He has grown considerably in terms of power and even challenged Shanks recently. Robin's Flower-Flower Fruit ability allows her to sprout multiple limbs from any surface, giving her great versatility in combat. Can turn other objects or beings into magnets. He has mastered its powers and succeeded in awakening this devil fruits true powers. So yeah, this is a devastating paramecia-type devil fruit that should not be overlooked. It is naturally seen as a defensive ability but its powers can also contribute to attacks. Baby 5 is an antagonist-turned-Straw-Hat-ally that was once a commander for Donquixote Doflamingo's crew. Kid successfully mastered his devil fruits powers and was able to defeat Big Mom alongside Law. What's more, he can travel at the speed of light by deflecting himself using his pads quite a useful ability to have in one's arsenal. Boa Hancock's Love-Love Fruit gives her the ability to turn those who show feelings of love or lust towards her into stone. An environment-manipulating user may gain a special level of control over a certain type of object, including objects that normal people would not be able to interact with. Ulti is another high-ranking member of the Beast Pirates, noted for her generally abrasive attitude which almost no one is spared from except Kaido himself. These power users showcase the range of powerful women in the series. Part of Tsuru's respect is derived from her skills with her Wash-Wash Fruit. Basically, while an elemental Paramecia can allow the user to generate, control and be immune to their element, they can not actually become that element or regenerate, like a Logia user. Devil Fruit Format; Role-Playing 101; Citations; Important pages. Thus, it is another destructive Paramecia-type devil fruit, and it can do devastation with just the users hands. Logia are considered to be the rarest, while Paramecia are the most . RELATED: 10 One Piece Women Who Are Walking Red Flags. Modo Modo no Mi: Allows the user to return anything the user touches to a younger age. Vice Admiral Tsuru is one of the Marine's most revered figures in One Piece. The power of this devil fruit is quite complex as it allows the user to jump ahead in time at will as many times as they want. They come in a variety of forms which can be divided into several subcategories. This fruit also allows its user to enter and manipulate the dreams of others. Devil Fruit powers give One Piece characters wild abilities. Big Mom's own homies are strong enough to take down characters in a single strike, showing how powerful this Devil Fruit really is. Jewelry Bonney has the abilities of an unnamed Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to manipulate the ages of things she touches, including herself, others, or even objects. the user gains skin hard as any type of metal they choose so their not effected by bullets and weak cutting attacks & blunt damage to a degree as well. After Whitebeard's death, Blackbeard ate the Devil Fruit, and it has remained in his possession since. By the way, who did this? The best I've been able to come up with is concrete and that's just a Mr. 3 copy. Some fruits that affect living organisms can be limited depending on a trait of the organism; for example, the Horo Horo no Mi's Negative Hollows cannot affect a person who is already negative,[39] while the Mero Mero no Mi does not work against anyone who has no lustful feelings toward the user. Big Mom, one of the Yonko, holds the power of the Soru Soru no Mi. This was most prominently seen with the Gura Gura no Mi, which can be extremely dangerous to friend and foe alike as once an earthquake is created, anyone in the affected area will fall victim to the ground shifting, as well as the potential arrival of tsunamis. [20][21][22][23], Like all Devil Fruit abilities, Paramecia types can also be "awakened", attaining the ability to use their Devil Fruits at a new level of strength and in different manners than they originally could. It can prove extremely dangerous in combat, as the anime has shown throughout its run. I'll find some way to stop them! The user can take over a whole island by turning everyone into toys and brainwashing the people there. The user can quickly destroy and kill all enemies in his way with the power of poison. [4] Other Paramecia users can alter their body on command; some users can transform certain body parts into other things, both organic and inorganic. [1], The term Paramecia was first used when Wyper witnessed Luffy's Devil Fruit abilities.[2]. [49] The most extreme example of this is in the Ope Ope no Mi's Perennial Youth Operation, where the user will immediately die upon giving someone eternal life. [[File:SupaSupnoMi.png|thumb|400px|A Paramecia Devil Fruit ;line-height:20.99431800842285px;">Chjinkei [Paramishia], literally translated as "Superhuman Type. Like Minokoala, the user's human and human-beast forms have never been revealed. For example, the Noro Noro no Mi user slows things down by hitting them with a photon beam, while Tama uses the Kibi Kibi no Mi by pulling a piece of kibi dango from her body and feeding it to an animal. The ability is dangerous for any criminal as it can clean off some of their evil reputation and make give them a change of heart. 1 - Gura Gura no mi - Canonically stated to be the strongest devil fruit. For now, Buggy is like a comic-relief character, thus, the powers of this devil fruit are seen that way. The user gets not only the strengths and weaknesses of said animal, but also an incredible high agility and becomes a good climber. Robin is known for her dry wit and calm demeanor, making her a fan favorite. Archived post. The fruit has a large stem at the top protruding out. [16], The effects and creations of environment-altering and substance-generating fruits may cease to exist if the user is knocked unconscious or is severely injured. The resulting threads are razor-sharp; such that they can even sever meteorites, buildings, and even people. In these cases, the awakening simply allows the user to utilize more advanced abilities than they did previously. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I don't know what kind of power you have, but your body is still intact. For example, the Baku Baku no Mi user gains properties of anything they eat, and the Jake Jake no Mi's purpose is for the user to be worn by someone else and thus combine two people's strength. But stop arguing with me it is pointless. For instance, theGomu Gomu no Mi,Yomi Yomi no Mi, andSube Sube no Mihave powers that are active at all times, while others such as theNoro Noro no MiandHana Hana no Mirequire self-activation.
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