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About Us

GEDEX is an internet portal aims to help schools, education and training program providers to maximize their enrollment capacities and improve efficiencies to increase operating profitability, while providing student families education resources, selections, savings, rewards and convenience. The GEDEX platform provides comprehensive online software modules for schools, education and training program providers to market, enroll, manage and deliver online, remote live and in-person courses. It is also a marketplace for schools and education providers to offer their courses and instructions on the GEDEX platform to other institution and individual users. Additionally, GEDEX partners with manufacturers to offer selected products that are highly related to schools, education programs and student families.

With a single login, school and education program providers have access to setting up platform websites with online catalogs, class schedules creating pervasive and on-going recruiting campaigns; online enrollment and payment functions that are directly connected the backend Student Management System for attendance tracking and billing to improve cashflow and financial management; robust Learning Management System (LMS) to create courses, classes, lessons and online – offline instruction delivery, test, quiz and assignments connected to grade books and reports to improve accountabilities and student learning outcomes; integrated cloud-based storage for all users; multiple integrated communication methods including email, message chat and group-based social media to build and maintain close connections among users and user groups; integrated on platform affiliate, reward and payment modules to develop new customers, customer loyalty while saving transaction costs.

The GEDEX platform Product Catalog provides selected high-quality products that are highly related to the regular needs of schools, education program providers and student families. All users may redeem their reward points to make purchases of these products, creating savings for users while building customer loyalty.
Join us today and enjoy multitude of benefits as members of the GEDEX platform.