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Unused and underutilized enrollment capacities of youth education programs are perishable products, just the same as hotel rooms and airline seats. Program providers are often focused on dealing with the programs and related staffing challenges and lack of consistent and cost-effective marketing and sales programs, resulting in negative revenue and profit outcomes.

In the age of rapid increase of operating costs and difficult recruiting environment for qualified staff, increasing cost and operating efficiencies have become one of the very few choices for owners and executives. This means better technology and leverage on more marketing channels and existing resources.

GEDEX Network provides a comprehensive set of solutions to help education program providers utilize their perishable unused and underutilized enrollment capacities to increase revenue and profit at no upfront cost; streamline their web and social media presence; build productive affiliate programs to develop their communities; create and improve their education programs using integrated function-rich Learning Management System, increase management efficiency and accountability of administrators, teachers and students through integrated Student Management System and multiple means of communication and cloud-based functionalities and solutions.

In the post-COVID era, not equipped with cutting-edge technologies is no longer an option for enterprise viability. GEDEX Network has put these technological advantages at fingertips of every organization, large and small. The platform is comprehensive, powerful, pervasive and easy to use. You cannot afford not to find out it can help your organization.