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New Generation AI Powered Massage Gun



Compact, lightweight yet packed with power and features:

  • Six responsive and self-adaptive strength levels powered by an AI chip to create optimum massage programs.
    • Level 1-2:  1800 – 2300 revolutions / min, muscle activation
    • Level 3-4: 2300 – 2800 revolutions / min, fascia relaxation
    • Level 5: 2800 revolutions / min, break down lactic acid
    • Level 6: 3200 revolutions / min, deep relaxation.  (It is recommended to start from the lowest level.)
  • Four professional massage heads for different muscle groups:
    • Ball Head – Suitable for massaging large muscle groups such as arms, buttocks, thighs and calves
    • U Head – Suitable for massaging the neck, spine and Achilles tendon.
    • Cylindrical Head – Suitable for impacting deep tissues, such as meridian palms, soles, etc.
    • Flat Head – Suitable for relaxation and plasticity of large muscle groups, such as latissimus dorsi.
  • Equipped with Type-C charging port, charged from wall outlet or portable power bank.
  • New generation lithium battery – faster charging and more energy-saving
  • Compact and lightweight – only 5.9 inches in length and 1.3 lbs.
  • Touchscreen digital control.
  • Carrying case with zipper.

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