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Custom Premium Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print 16″x16″



High quality print on matte finish, 290 gsm heavy weight canvas; gallery wrapped on 1.25 inch (thickness) sturdy frame; hanging accessories pre-mounted as ready to hang. Square 16″x16″x1.25″. Upload your image and instructions after placing the product in the shopping cart.

How to compare canvas prints:

  1. Print quality – Check the number of color channels and the print resolution of the printer. The high quality printers are usually equipped with 12 color channels and 2400×1200 dpi maximum print resolution.
  2. Canvas material – check both the thickness and quality of the canvas material; some discounted prints may use light weight canvas materials as low as 90 gsm. This may cause the wrapped canvas print to lose stretched tension and deform over time.
  3. Frame materials – Check the thickness of the frames; some discounted prints may use 0.5 inch (thickness) as standrad frames and 0.75 inch (thickness) as “upgraded” frames.
  4. Hanging accessories – Most premium canvas prints come as “ready to hang” with all hanging accessories pre-mounted; some discounted prints may add up to $3.99 additional cost for hanging hardware accessories.
  5. Workmanship – Check the placement, mounting and wrapping of the print onto the frame, particularly the corners.
  6. Shipping costs – Check the additional shipping cost for each print; this may vary widely from different vendors.

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