Through the story, Hermione struggles with a suspicious Dumbledore, growing feelings for Sirius and being tracked by MI6, who are convinced that Hermione is a KGB operative. Cookie Notice Very young children. As teenagers displaced in time and liable to stop existing at any time, James, Lily and Sirius are compelling as both ghosts and time travelers, and their interactions with the Golden Trio are fun to read. THIS IS CRAP DON'T READ IT Hello! Look no further! What happens when the Weasley-Potter clan is sent back to Harry, Ron, and Hermione's 5th year? Now facing the typical problems of school and romance seem little compared to trying to figure out how to get back home. Time Travel. Will they find a way back? It was just a regular day when some strange students appeared claiming they were from the future. Almost all the while, Hermione is glued to her new book. But why did he have the time turner in the first place? Before they can say much more, the boys have to run away from Filch's cat. Bu Everything changed that day. Oh God, what did Harry do to his children? #lucy weasley. How will the kids react to see t "Who goes there?!" In fact, this fic makes it entirely possible for Sirius Black to have fallen in love with (and had a gay panic over) a mysterious and sassy red-haired boy. SHORT CHAPTERS. Looking for a way to spend your summer doing something creative and fulfilling? Skip to the next bolded heading if you want to avoid Cursed Child spoilers. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. UNEDITED A Fusion Fic crossover series between Harry Potter and Pokmon, written by Mr. That he had other options besides liv Y/n Esmeray is a Slytherin student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. "And who might you be?" James Sirius Potter and the Time Travel Trope While there, Hermione struggles with having to pretend to be (gasp) an average student and resisting the urge to try and alter the future. FYI This is made by my friend isn't into Harry Potter, but I am publishing this so we could laugh abou. Harry Potter at 18 decided he had enough action and became an unspeakable to the shock of the wizarding world. (Mana cost: 100 mana per tear. 'Me to lad, me to' ! Er. It seems like a particularly bizarre set-up, but C.Queen is one of those rare authors that can probably get away with anything once you've read a few of her other works. Just how exactly do *A Second Generation Fan Fiction* IN PROGRESS. Rather unique time-travel mechanics with Harry going back in time using a potion for only a few hours, causing changes, and then having to live in a new AU world based on the changes he made in the past. What happens if Fred Weasley II and James Potter sneak in? tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits, Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. Four's Game (SEU, #1) [ongoing publication]. He's also aware that Dumbledore is gay and lets the great wizard know it. What happens when Harry Potter leaves the house and office door open and his kids, nephews, nieces, and god son were there? The Next Generation kids are flung backward in time, to when their one and only father, Harry Potter, is competing in The Triwizard Tournement. Harry Potter Next Generation - Time -Travel / Time -Turner Escapade. Nor did he spend enough time with his godfather. Harry Potter, sitting by his son Albus's bed in the hospital wing at Hogwarts, has a conversation with a portrait of Albus Dumbledore. . However, in discussing the novels and films, care must be taken not to mistake fanon, and material within fan fiction, with official canon. Last year, it's Albus. The story begins in the Golden Trio's sixth year, and (tweaking canon a little), Hermione has been given another time turner to complete her prefect duties and help Harry. The Time Turner by Fan Boys Rock. Essentially the next generation is sent back in time to some point. Next generation: TimeTurner accident by J-star Black. The Impossible Mister Time by SalixInflixiInflictum. Follow her on her adventures as she trapped in a time vastly unknown to her. Mature. And of course James takes it upon himself to change things. Hugo accidentally breaks a time turner and sends t. Completed witch hpfanfic hp +11 more # 15 Returners of the Past by 576K 12.7K 51 Harry Potter has a lived a life of loss. I have a few recs of my own. A war between two of the most powerful and darkest families in the wizarding world. In the meantime James and What happens when Harry turns back time and excepts Draco Malfoy's hand first year? | in which jasmine potter, aka the girl who lived, get's sent back thirty years into the past and falls for her godfather - while harry potter, aka the Katherine Sloan is called to Dumbledore's office for a very special and dangerous mission. Roxanne grimaced and stuck out her tongue at him. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Were excited to hear from you! As a heads up, this story will sort of skim through the events of Hogwarts Legacy, but add in much needed character dynamics/development James Potter takes Hermione's time turner and goes back in time! Harry Potter | Adventure Fantasy This is about a boy named Fredrick. Join our team and let's create something amazing together! There are fantastic Marauders shenanigans, and James Potter II gives his grandpappy a run for his money in this hilarious and heart-warming story. The huge hourglass in Harry's office was thought to be just a decoration. Thank you so much! TikTok video from K (@holymousee): "Reply to @kirsten.duffyy Harry Potter Next Generation #wattpad #jamessiriuspotter #albusseveruspotter #harrypotter #fyp #hogwarts". "You won't forget about me will you?" Family and Friends of Harry return from the dead. Language: English Words: 409,775 Chapters: 45 /45 The next generation of Harry Potter characters are left alone in Potter manor for an entire evening: nothing could possibly go wrong! How do they hide? "You're mine, let me show you what that means." Meet Harry James Potter, an underestimated teen, raised My own little take on the next generation going back in time. Asked Sirius to the thirteen children struggling to get up. James Sirius Potter steals a time turner, taking some of his family members back in time. Some things couldn't change, but maybe some things could. As a writer for Odyssey, youll have the opportunity to share your voice with our community of readers from all over the world. Lily's only time that she is mentioned is when it is stated that she stayed in the car when they picked up James and Albus. #harrypotter. Rated T just in case. Ever wondered if the next generation of Potters and Weasleys ever found out what their parents did in the battle of Hogwarts and whilst they were at school? Just like it sounds like, the kids of the Next Generation, get twisted into the pastOne. The next generation get in some trouble and ends up in Harry's 5th year and reveal some secrets of the future like how enemies could turn lovers. Fanon can take . Harry Potter | Next Generation Time Travel Time Turner This is like any other next generation time travel story. With the addi Rebel Simmons was just a girl who was dealt a shitty hand in the game of life. You can't charm me, Weasel Will they find a way back? He is accidentally sent back in time to when his grandparents were attending Hogwarts, and, while there, he ends up falling in love with a young Sirius Black. If only they could find a way back before Voldemort heard there were three more Potters in town. The story of Shannon Osborn starting her 7th year at Hogwarts as an exchange student from Germany. #1 Southeastern University Series As is the typical Sunday dinner at the Weasleys, all the family was there, including Harry and Hermione. But for the head of Temporal Investigations at the D.O.M. Voldemort is still at large. Ron is trying his hardest to keep the family afloat, trying to keep his mother and brother motivated and serving as a peacekeeper for Harry and Ginny. harry time travel to the marauders. harry potter next generation fanfic. James is in big trouble. This year, it's James. The next generation of Harry Potter: Lily, Albus, James, Rose, Hugo , Freddie, Roxanne, Teddy, Victoire and Scorpius. Bruh, heteronormativity is smashed into glittering shards and remade into something new and sublime. Harry Potter | Next Generation Time Travel Time Turner This is like any other next generation time travel story. Hiding from Voldemort . The top five things on your summer bucket list this year. Harry Potter and the Prisoner Now, his family is stuck in 1995. ? 34. r/HPfanfiction. I read it avidly. Word of warning, I read most of these back when I was first starting out in the fandom world and still had my heteronormativity goggles on. I'm making fun of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. ! I DON'T OWN ANYTHING FROM THE HARRY POTTER SERIES. ! The fact that it didn't make Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy a couple even though there was ample opportunity to do so. A Leap in Time James, Lily, Sirius and Remus go forward in time to the year 2019, after the Second Wizarding War.James and Lily meet their son and grandchildren, and Remus meets his son. Sirius and James Sirius? Backpacking across Europe? The C2 community for Harry Potter Time Travel Fiction, from any generation into any other generation. Harry Potter | James Potter Albus Dumbledore Severus Snape Lily Luna Potter | Action Adventure Fanfiction Next Gen Time Travel Lily Evans Time Turner. Set in the United States, where the Confederation, a government in political turmoil, has problems . Our heroes soon learn that Hermione's book is a badly translated, Muggle reprinting of an ancient magical text that deals with necromancy. but he never meant for it to go this far. Hugo accidentally breaks a time turner and sends t. Completed hpfanfic wizard hpnextgen +11 more # 10 |. What wi James Severus Potter, the mischief maker, totally like his grandfather along with his friends and siblings messes with Rose Granger Weasly's time turner. Roxie has a plan? 1 week pregnant and don't want the baby; james patterson harriet blue series; sorry this ticket cannot be processed; 2004 lincoln town car specs Rating may change to E depending on how it goes. James was 19! Harry travels back in time and defeats Grindelwald, and takes a job at Hogwarts. You Are Here: phrases with the word lane youth movements 2020 harry potter next generation time travel fanfiction June 17, 2022 valleybrook pool blackwood nj She was nearly placed in Slytherin but she asked the Sorting Hat to place her in Gryffindor because she wanted to be in the same house as Hugo. The next generation of Harry Potter: Lily, Albus, James, Rose, Hugo , Freddie, Roxanne, Teddy, Victoire and Scorpius. At least that is what the kids say as they are thrown back over twenty years into the past. Presenting.four time-travel fanfictions at least as good as Cursed Child! gillinghams day trips 2022 college wrestling forum p1737 marketability deterioration gear 1 soccer mom outfit 2022 1987 honda fourtrax 250 carburetor diagram Best of all, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be spending your summer. James was 19! Filch is certain he saw a boy with messy black hair running around and causing trouble, but Dumbledore assures Filch that Harry isn't to blame. And most importantly, how do they get back? by WizardWay reviews The Next Generation kids are flung backward in time, to when their one and only father, Harry Potter, is competing in The Triwizard Tournement. time of our lives harry potter. After dying in the forbidden forest at Voldemort's hand--after going to the Kings Cross of his afterlife--Harry is returned to his 11-year-old self with no memories of his life before, just a vague sense of doom and weird knowledge of the wizarding world (and its inhabitants) that he can't quite explain. says a now 12 year old Lily Luna Potter who is annoyed on how stupid this situation can be. A woman who was shunned by most due to her arrogant and cold personality. To help her cause, she recruits 21 year old Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. The Alexandra Quick series by Inverarity (first book here). However, there is one LGBT romance here, and the author has several more under her belt. Quidditch Position: Chaser. Hugo Weasley. He accidentally sent him and a few if his friends back into time into Harry Potter's 5th year. 1 week pregnant and don't want the baby; james patterson harriet blue series; sorry this ticket cannot be processed; 2004 lincoln town car specs Watch as they struggle to not give their identities away to Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny so they will still be born. What happens if they steal a golden necklace with immense power? For real. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Please note this was my first book and was written by my awkward starter author self when I first Wattpad Wattpad recommendations: Harry Potter Next Generation. In this story the next generation children time travel to Harry potter's 5 th year, follow the children on their adventures in time. Harry And Hermione Fanfiction Dramione Fanfiction Draco And Hermione Draco Malfoy Forbidden Love Slytherin Pride Hunger Games The Dreamers Harry Potter Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley (1) Exclude Additional Tags Alternate Universe (4) Oral Sex (3) Blow Jobs (3) Cunnilingus (2) Anal Sex (2) Alternate Universe - Human (2) Vaginal Sex (2) Original. Four blondes, three pairs One of those next-gen time travel cliches. Please note this was my first book and was w "This siriusly can't be happening again!" Well, chaos of course. The Marauders including Lily and Marlene came from 1977 to 1996 He makes another decision and finds himself in a baby's body: little Tom Ri How will the marauders Myra Collins Lily Evans and Marlene Mckinnon react when they find out that they have time travelled to the year 1995 and discover they have childr Frannie Black is the daughter of the infamous Sirius Black, who passed away two years ago in the Department of Mysteries. The fact that the time travel was a messa mess that resulted in Harry Potter having to WATCH his parents die, and that is the opposite of cool. Hello everyone I have some important news Okay So I'm like . screams Lily. The next generation of Harry Potter characters are left alone in Potter manor for an entire evening: nothing could possibly go wrong! Here are some of the topics wed love to hear about: Whether you're an experienced writer or just starting out, we welcome anyone with a passion for writing and a desire to share their perspective. by . At the end of chapter one, Hermione Granger purposely sends herself back in time to the year 1981, exactly 169 days before the deaths of Lily and James Potter. To go back in time and change the ways of Tom Riddle, lead him away from the d Harry Potter is dead. 9 metrotech testing hours; pestel analysis of uk clothing industry The Marauders cause trouble wherever they go. - 92 Time Travel, Excitement, and HouseElves by Hopeful Sapphire Harry was yelling at his best friends when the house suddenly shook. "All was well" we're the last words in the Harry Potter books, but was all really well? 118. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Albus Severus Potter & James Sirius Potter & Lily Luna Potter, Albus Severus Potter & Harry Potter & James Sirius Potter & Lily Luna Potter & Ginny Weasley, Book 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Canon Divergence - Post-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Post-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Albus Potter and the Journey Through Time, Albus Severus Potter & James Sirius Potter, Next Generation Meets Order of the Phoenix, Not Canon Compliant - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
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